Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm moving!

I thought to myself this morning.......

If you don't like where you are, MOVE.

So I am.

Not in the literal 'pack up the house and cramp it all onto a lorry' type move, but I'm moving out of the rut, and I've picked a 44 year old body that needs some work doing to make it a better and more user friendly home to stay!

I've been in this old familiar place for too long now. Promising that I would decorate it and make it look a bit better, and then always finding an excuse not to. The exterior looks dreadful, and God only knows where to start on the interior!

Sure, it's a bit bigger than I'd like, but that'll be ok. I'll think about downsizing later.

I've starting the renovations by blocking up the chimney. No more smoking means I don't need a chimney!

Yes my friends, I have finally lost the plot, but planning stuff is a great past time of mine. Putting it into practice is another story.

I thought that if I plan my body/life overhaul like I did when I actually did move, then I can throw out the stuff I don't need (family crap etc) and rearrange the stuff I do need.

So the first job was my chimney!. I'm putting aside 8-10 weeks for that to be finished and it won't cost me a bean! Infact I'll have more money to get new soft furnishings, or even trying to make the saggy old paintwork on the outside look a little better!!

I'm trying out a 21 day trial.
21 days so as not to be too long that I get bored, but long enough to build a new habit.

#1. Quit smoking using 25 mg NRT patch (before moving on to next level down)
#2. Stick to a skin care regime (mine at present is almost non existant, apart from a quick blob of something greasy before I head out the door to work.)
#3.Drinking more fluids during the day (currently dreadful at this too. I think my dad was part camel!)
#4. Bed by 21.30 to make time for a read of my stack of new books (I always complain I have no time to read!
#5. Get up at 06.00 and stop dithering about. Time management!!
#6.Have breakfast before leaving for work.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Non smoking day 2

So far so good!

I've been that out of puff, that a cigarette has been the last thing I've been wanting!

I downloaded a couple of apps for my ipod which are useful to look at every now and again.
One of the suggestions was plenty of fruit juices, so I ventured out and purchased 3 cartons of pure juice (and 4 scones from the oops! counter for good measure).

Horse pills, paracetamol and vitamins ingested with gusto, and I'm feeling a little better.
Still knackered as I'm really not sleeping well because of the pelvic floor challenging cough! Poor hubby has suffered too as I'm clattering around in the middle of the night falling over stuff (the dawg) and rummaging in cupboards looking for more lemon tea.

I'm even missing my works xmas 'do' tonight!

Bummer :=(

Thursday, 15 December 2011


So I've signed up for Janathon next year!

That's about as much as I can manage at the moment as I have had bronchitis over the last week and have felt dreadful! So much to do and so little energy to do it.

I'm doing ok with my assignments and I don't think there'll be any last minute panicking with them (who am I kidding!).
Christmas is more or less sorted, with the exception of some wine and chocs for aged aunt Molly.

I've dusted off my long running tights, and have signed up again for the running course in Jan with Jelly Legs, so that'll be Monday, Thursday and Saturday's contributions to Janathon sorted. The inbetweeny bits may be that old bag Jillian Michael and her 30 day murder/torture DVD!

I had a twitter chat with the lovely Janathon lady Cathy at and she gave up smoking 6 years ago. I've done it twice, both times for 6 months. I HATE smoking. The smell, the cost, crappy lungs etc etc.
So I've stopped.
That's it.

I'm drinking green tea with Jasmine, planning my comeback!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

From the heart

I've been thinking a lot about how things are, and decided that now I'm more settled, a little less stressed and have more of an idea where I'd like things to head, I've gotta get off by butt and put all these ideas to work.

I've had a crappy couple of years since both my parents passed away, and it left a huge MASSIVE gaping hole on my life. I'm lucky that I'm married to kindest man I could ever wish for, and he is a complete rock. I love him more than words could ever explain.

My life was hectic and unscheduled, I was bumbling along from day to day just getting by. I hated that feeling. There was nothing I felt in complete control of, therefore I just let go. I managed to put on a whole stack of weight by just not caring. Simple as that. I didn't bloody well care! I didn't eat well, I didn't sleep well, I didn't do anything well! The family that I had left didn't want to know me after I told them a few home truths, and that hurt me. I became very angry and very low. I gave up exercising and curled into a big fat ball. I was on antidepressants, feeling a bit hopeless to be honest.

As time has passed by (almost 3.5 years), I've got used to the idea of having no blood family that gives a toss about what I do. I have great friends and my wonderful husband. I'm living in a house that is filled with precious memories of my late parents, I'm studying for my degree (which is nearly finished...yaaay!) and I've got so much to live for.

Time to get back in the driving seat.

I've just made the most delicious vegetable chilli, and am contemplating making applesauce muffins to take to work for breakfast (I always miss breakfast....too busy to sort it out!).

I've read a few blogs where people have lost a huge amount of weight, but I'm only looking at the first 7lbs at the moment. Any further than this might sabotage my efforts.

Bite sized goals are the way I'm tackling this, and I'll just have to be consistant (I'm crap at consistancy).

Lets just try one week of being consistant!!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Heeeeeeeeeeere I am!

Back in the land of the blog!

Very quick update:

Still off and on with WW, joined a running club, can run 3 miles without dying....go me!

Still not speaking to brother or sister....who cares?

Still no job promotion....bah!

Still writing assignments.....almost finished one, one more to go!

Loving the autumn, and vow to blog more

Until tomorrow x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Juneathon 24th through to 28th!

Well I've failed in the blogging respect, but we've been internetless for 3 days, and I've developed a dental abcess which has been truely miserable.

I've been fairly active despite this....doing something every day, my usual walking and grumbling (does that count as two activities?) and lots of displacement activities (as suggested by )

Total miles since internetlessness = 12 (Fri 3 mile walk Sat Jillian woman, Sunday Jillean woman again plus 3 miles, Monday 3 miles, this morning 3 miles)

Weight not playing ball, therefore calorie intake must be exceeding cals out, which makes me go........ eeep!

I'm going to try a 'Back to Netball' course running locally. I may only be 5ft 2, but I was a demon goal shooter in my youth!

That's all x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Juneathon the twentythird

So today is the day I go to the dentist!

Up and out at 04.30 as both weary neighbour and I were awake. The views were stunning (forgot camera again!)as we watched the Bay coming to life. The Highland cattle were all in one field this morning, and nodded sagely as we passed.
Polly (the dawg) is less wildlife friendly, and thinks that all smaller creatures are fair game. This resulted in me being dragged off course into bushes and marshland after rabbits and pheasants!

What to I have to look forward to today?

1) More rotten assignment looking up paradigms, random controlled trials, boolean operators etc etc
2) Having my head drilled
3) Best friend coming for a 'study buddy' session tonight
4) Making pizza for said session
5) Hubby putting up new fire and thermostat
6) Hubby drilling through garage wall to run lead to power thermostat.....and me guiding his drill away from the mains gas pipe!

Today could go one of two ways!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Juneathon the twentysecond

When I thought it was the 23rd today, and I got up and got half way to my dental appointment, and realised it was tomorrow and not today!!

I got home and changed into my shuffling gear, and went off for a short mimble with the dog. I have no idea how far we went, but I was out for about 40 mins, so I'm reckoning about 2 ish miles.
I got home and started my assignment again (minus chocolate brazil nuts, replacing them with a satsuma, an apple and a mini baby bel light).

Critiquing research methodologies is the DULLEST thing in the world! I'd rather watch paint dry!

So I did! The paint around my new fireplace....I watched it dry. Then I planted my new honeysuckle out, revived a knackered bee with a sugar solution, brushed the dog, sorted out my smalls drawer, got stuff out for tomorrows athon effort, fiddled on Facebook, made some houmous......etc etc.

I still have 3,500 words left to do (surprisingly!)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Juneathon the twenty-first

Longest day??
First day of summer?
Same sh*t all day for me!

I am wholly fed up with walking, but can't do much else at the moment.
Ate half a bag of choc brazils whilst reading dull research (does that count??)
Slept for 2 hours this afternoon.
Falling apart at the seams!!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Juneathon the twentieth

Ok...back in blogging normal time!

I went out this morning with Di for our usual route....but it was piddling down! Big fat blobs of rain which soaked me to the skin within minutes.

I'd like to start having a small shuffle to lessen the time I'm out, but my dear neighbour is not up for a faster pace. I don't want to let her down and put her off going out in the morning altogether. Humph!

In other news....Menieres is being a right pain...dizzy and off balance, so biking is out at the moment.

Cold pork and bubble for tea x

Juneathon the nineteenth

Another time warping blog...just got to catch up!

Dog walk of about 2 miles.
Sill going strong.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Juneathon the eighteenth

Time warping blog.
Jillian Micheals again...and I still dislike her! Still on level one, still hurts as much, still feel like passing out every time she goes from the floor to jumping jacks, still...never mind!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Juneathon the seventeenth

Was a bit of a washout....literally!

I mimbled for about a mile with the dog...stopped at the Viking Cafe for a cuppa with a friend and her dog, and fullt inteneded to attempt Jillian's workout again....but didn't. The rest of the day was a much so that I didn't blog. So here I am...blogging today for yesterday!
More to come later x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Juneathon the sixteenth

Just a new lounge carpet is being fitted this morning, and I have yet to persuade the gloss on the skirting boards to dry!! EEEP!

3 mile circuit...haven't had the time to rethink the route yet.

Over half way through Juneathon, and still going strong!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Juneathon the fifthteenth

Jillian Michaels...I really don't like you! Level one completed.


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Juneathon the fourteenth

3 miles....blah blah blah.....usual wildlife blah blah blah.....!!

Can you tell I'm getting bored with the same routine?? I think I'm going to have to find a different route. I love walking out with Di, but after a month of doing the same circuit, it's getting a bit dull!

No walking planned for tomorrow, so perhaps I'll try Jillian again (what is that woman on?), or even dust off my bike and wobble around the village.

Still....weigh in on thursday, and I'm quite looking forward to it. I've stayed to plan, tracked every day, and kept up with juneathon better than I thought I would. If the scales say otherwise, I will run.....

(to the kebab shop!!).

Monday, 13 June 2011

Juneathon the thirteenth

A wet and windy stonk around the wildlife to be had....too bloody early I guess.

The dog almost cut my neighbour in half with her 'cheese-wire lead' antics, which would have been difficult to explain to her husband.

Ummmm........that's about all for this morning.

Suffering a bit with DOMS, but will persevere with Jillian this afternoon, after which I will admit myself to A&E and await the stroke which almost did me in last time!! That is of course if I don't knock myself out with thr tins of beans I'm using as hand weights!

Have a good Monday x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Juneathon the twelfth

Thanks to Jillean, I can barely walk downstairs today!

After a breakfast of overnight oats (my current fave breakfast)I decided to take the dawg for an amble along the Bay to look for driftwood. We set off at a cracking pace, and decided to take a shortcut down to the beach. In doing so, we passed a field full of peas....I mean a HUGE field of peas. I was tempted to fill my pockets with the lovely fat pods, but wondered if I would be arrested for decided against it.

We continued down to the Bay, and started searching for driftwood. One dead seagull, a couple of dried out old starfish,

and plenty of old beer cans later, we terminated the search. Not a stick of driftwood to be found anywhere. Bah!!
My candle sconces will have to wait!
A respectable 2.6 miles in a lille under an hour (I did stop to ponder pea larceny and to look at dead stuff) completes todays Juneathon efforts.

I may visit the old hag Jillean today if I can be bothered, but right now it's unlikely.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Juneathon the eleventh

Jillean Michaels is a spiteful bit of work.

Level one feeling in arms or legs since!

May just cut out the middle (wo)man tomorrow, and pull out my own toenails. It might prove less painful!

Thank you for listening x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Juneathon the tenth

Well we're now a third of the way through Juneathon, and I've surprised myself at how well I've managed to commit thus far.... (That'll put the mockers on it now!!).

The usual 3 mile loop with much peering out to sea, wondering what the blob on the horizon was!

Home life in total disarray which is quite tiring. The plasterer came in yesterday, so my lounge is various shades of brown/pink. My study has all the lounge furniture in it, and all my stuff is in a mess, which in turn, makes my head a mess!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's still a long way off!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Juneathon the ninth

Feeling a little better today....well enough to walk around the bay as usual.

I've been having problems with craving sweet things over the last couple of days, and so instead of reaching for the biscuits, I thought I'd have a go at some low GI flapjacks. I made a batch last night, and I must say they are jolly good.

250g porridge oats
50g dessicated coconut
3tbsp Agave
200g dried cranberries (I used Ocean Spray Craisins)
120mls Flora Cuisine
a good dose of cinnamon
100g reduced fat peanut butter.

Heat oven to 180 deg/gas 4
Pour hot water over craisins and leave to swell, then drain.
Mix everything else in a bowl.
Add craisins
Cram the lot into a swiss roll tin (I lined my grill pan as it was the right dimensions 27cmx18cm) and press down firmly.
Cook in oven for 30 mins
Cool slightly before marking into 24 bits (portions are not huge btw)
4 WW Plus Points per bit

(The above is for illustrative purposes only as I ate my flapjack before I could photo this is what they look like, but photo taken from Google selection!)

I'm having one now with a berry smoothie as my breakfast. They're not too sweet, and full of flap-jacky goodness.

Have a go yourself!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Juneathon the eighth

Menieres 1 - Juneathon 0.

Well not quite!

If several short bursts of running to the bathroom to vomit counts...then I've done something! I even managed some stair climbing too, on the way back to having a lay down.

Hoping to resume normal activity tomorrow.

P.S I'm starving!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Juneathon the seventh

Out at the crack of a sparrows fart again this morning for my neighbourly wobble down on the bay. We saw Sandwich Terns, some sort of Godwit and the usual collection of cows.

I did sneak a peak at the scales which were an encouraging 1.2lb down, so celebrated with a large berry smoothie on my return.

As I mentioned earlier, I am following a relatively low-carb eating plan....more in line with low GI than excluding carbs all together. Sweet potatoes, brown rice and rye bread are the new baked spuds, couscous and squidgy white bread. I'm hoping that after years of consuming crap, that I can make some healthier choices to ward off complications of getting older (not that I'm a train wreck yet, but I don't want to be like some of the 40 something year olds you see on Jezza Kyle in the morning, with muffin faces and a body to match!)

I sky-plussed a beginners guide to Pilates this morning which I thought I might have a bash at. 25 mins in, and the woman was still flat on her back 'zipping up the abdominals' and saying something about her pubic bone. EEEEP....too early!! Does it really tone you up that much?

Might have another trail out later if I can keep awake long enough x

Monday, 6 June 2011

Juneathon the sixth

Back to my 3 mile walk at 05.30. I've not been feeling too good so we took it gently as I'm having balance issues too (Menieres Disease!).
Can't blog too much as screen making eyeballs jumpy!

See you tomorrow x

PS weigh in....stayed the same GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Juneathon the fifth

It's a grotty old day today....and thus I have not ventured far. DH, dawg and I walked down to see the Great Bucket and Spade Run, which involves vintage cars of all types, and beautiful motorcycles. It was lovely to watch owners polishing their pride and joy, and to see how far the motor industry has come. The walk was more of a bimble along the front, but at least we got out before it started to rain. I'll guess at a mile only and the pace would have been slow! If the weather cheers up a little, I might try and get out again later.

On the WW side, this is my tracker from this week:

I only missed one day of tracking, so not too bad. Weigh in tomorrow, with official Fab Thursday stats being updated on the sidebar.

Hope you're all enjoying Juneathon too xx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Juneathon the fourth

Got up a little later than planned, what with it being saturday and all! I wanted to go to the Great Bucket and Spade Run....but then found out it was tomorrow!!

I've had a bad case of the can't-be-arsedables all day!

Eventually, not wanting to fail at Juneathon after the third day, I mustered some enthusiasm and took the dog out for a joggle (jog+wobble=joggle). It was still hot at 6pm, and I did struggle, being so lardy makes things much more difficult than strictly necessary!

We did an out and back and covered about 2 miles, which felt like a half marathon. I was spotted by my racing snake neighbour, (whose wife is my early morning walking buddy) and we discussed at length my wish to get back to 'proper' running. I find it difficult to think that I once ran/walked the Great North Run, and the Great South Run!

I hate the thought of being gawped at by others, and I just know they're thinking 'Awww....look at the fat woman running...'

I still had the last laugh as I ran downhill through the meadow like this

YouTube - Little House on the Prarie Theme Song

(minus the horse and carriage, and floaty dress!)

Fat woman wins!!!

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Run - Run-Walk
Distance:2.00 mi

Total miles 11

Friday, 3 June 2011

Juneathon the third

Another 3 mile dawg walk around the reserve this morning at 05.30.

I love going out at this time in the morning. I inadvertently grabbed a handfull of something that smelt of aniseed. I'm not sure if it's wild fennel. I'm not sure if I made 'wild fennel' up!
It was too early to try and yoink it out of the ground, but I might give it a whirl tomorrow.

Saw ducks, Egrets, ?? linnets and the usual herd of Highland cows. I really do want a Highland cow of my own!

My blog needs some photos....will try and fix that tomorrow too!

9 miles logged so far.

Have a good day x
See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Walk - Social
Distance:3.00 mi

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Juneathon the second

Another 3 mile brisk mimble around the Nature reserve with my neighbour Diana and the dawg!

Lard Loungers fat club meeting tonight showed a 3lb loss, thanks to the above efforts. I've been low carbing which makes me feel physically much better.

I've ordered a wireless doo-dah for my bike which will be utilised on my days off walking, so that I can keep up my Juneathon plan.

Logged and blogged.

Over and out!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Juneathon the first

3 miles around the local nature reserve at a brisk walking pace!

Saw cattle and Egrets this morning, but forgot camera! Will take this tomorrow.

Not inspiring, but it's a start!

Monday, 30 May 2011


It is with some trepidation that I have signed up for Juneathon.

Last time I signed up, we were in the middle of packing our stuff to move to our new house, and I really didn't have the time to jog, blog or log anything.
Now things are a little more settled, I plan to do something each day of June, although it's more than likely not going to be running at the moment. This is in the most part due to the fact that my derriere has grown to the size of a small planet!

I'm logging my eats again with my WW e-tool which should help, and my early morning walks although not too fast, must go some way to assisting with calorie burning.

DH will be in charge of packed lunches, and there will be no processed food in my lunchbox at all (apart from the pizza I'm going to make tonight, but that is all my own work with plenty of fresh veg as a topping!)

I plan to ride my bike when I get home from work for a couple of miles, making a total of about 90 mins of something per day.

I also have the best part of a 5,000 word assignment to complete by the 8th July!

Why am I sat here buggering about then??

I'll be lousy at leaving comments on peoples blogs, but I will try my hardest to say hi to everyone at least once over the month.

Good luck y'all xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New start

Well we finally made it over to our new house about 2 months ago.
Since then it's been a blur of workmen, dust and hoovering. I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say that having no kitchen for 3 weeks meant ALOT of convenience food and take outs.
This has resulted in an upward trend on the scale, which is a real nuisance, but there we are....

I've started to get up early again, and go walking with my neighbour. We take El Mutt for a 3 mile stroll along the Bay at 05.30. The views are breathtaking. We see plenty of wild birds, seals, and my favourite, Highland cattle (cripes, they're huge!!).

DH has managed to lose 28lb recently, therefore I have put him in charge of meals from now on in.
I'm off on holiday at present, but BYOL will be resumed when I return to work, although I will miss my 'Two Chicks' omlette which I have for lunch. I love that stuff, and no gall bladder pain which usually accompanies anything 'eggy'. I use my Nicer Dicer (godsend) to chop all sorts of veggies for my omlette, and have it with a big salad.
I've been looking over on Bitchcakes blog for some really nice recipes. She is a vegan, which I am not, but her salad ideas are great, and she works wonders with a squash! She is an advocate for WW, and I'm happiest following their points system and using the e-tool tracker. I downloaded the app so that when I'm mobile, I can still track.

I'm also starting 'Lard Loungers' again (my own slimming club, run in my front room for some weighty pals) which should spur me along by introducing a little competition between me and my friends. We each have a journal to track food (I'll be doing mine with WW e-tools) and a weigh in. I issue 'Loser of the Week' certificates, and we pay 50p per week to weigh in. Members are allowed to use whatever healthy eating plan they like (let's face it...I've tried them all!), but I draw the line at limb amputation as a means to become 'Loser of the Week!

That's a very quick rundown of what's been going on here, but I'm going to try and blog a little more often and let you know where I am.

I hope you are all well xx

Monday, 28 February 2011

False start!

So that was the week that was!

It was my 44th birthday on Saturday, so I didn't track as much as I should have, and I ate some stuff I shouldn't have! I also drank my body weight in vodka and lemonade (diet, nach!!).
I also found out at work that I'm being had over which has not pleased me at all! I've been mega stressed out about it all (work, house move, job etc) and done my usual 'F**K everything' instead of dealing with it in a problem solving manner.

Once more I looked through a heap of blogs (whilst writing a grumpy letter to my boss), but I was eating home made coffee and walnut cake at the time. I made this beautiful cake found at


Walnuts are good, right?

I can't begin to tell you how good it was!

I got out with Doug and Polly for a little walk, but with tbh, I've got less enthusiasm than a hoody in a job centre!

So Monday is here again, and short of an exchange of contracts on the house......I can't see the week getting better.

However................ I am not going to let this phase me! If I can track for 5 days and get off my arse for 3 night this week....I'll be happy!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


One of the biggest inspirations to me is a lady called Sheryl. You'll probably know her....she has a style of her own, never sits still, and rides the coolest bike!

She is the author of
where you can read all about her latest conquests.

I've decided to pich one of her ideads, which is a 'What I'm Working On and Goals for Next Week', and here's what I'm going to try to do:

  • Track my points for 5 days
  • Go to the Gym with Lal 3 days
  • Make good food choices for 6 out of 7 days

I have been super lazy since we found out we were moving, and my elliptical trainer is buried under a mound of boxes! I hope that when we do eventually move, it's going to be a fresh start for both DH and me.

Taking the first step is always the hard part...........

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Meh! (again!)

With regret, I had to stop the Janathon because life became a bit too hectic!

We have (hopefully) sold our house, and we're sitting amidst boxes containing all our worldly goods! There are only a few more bits and bobs to pack in the lounge, and the whole of the kitchen, but the use of an eight yard skip came in rather handy!!

My good friend Julie came to see me yesterday, and I cried when I saw her. She's lost 98lbs in the past year, and looks fantastic. She has strengthened my resolve to get strong and healthy again. It's been difficult for the past 2 weeks, with packing and assignment writing (I start my new module on 18th February), and healthy anything went out the window. I'm back to work after my annual leave tomorrow, so routine will be back into my day. I get thrown a little without routine, I guess I've picked up some Aspie habits from Doug!!

I'll be in bed again at 9pm at night, getting up and walking Noodles before work. I'm very lucky to have a job I love so much, I'm looking forward to getting back to it, but it can be mentally quite exhausting.

So.....normal serviceshall be resumed tomorrow!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Janathon days 7 and 8

I'm afraid I only managed to do 20 mins on the elliptical trainer last night, just before going to bed!! (technically still blogged within 24 hours of doing it!!).

Today has been a bit frantic because we put our lovely house up for sale, so the was much hiding things in cupboards and under stairs for the photographs!
Doug and I took Polly out for a brisk and windy walk covering approx 2 miles for my janathon contribution.

Gotta go...will blog properly tomorrow.

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Cross - Elliptical
Distance:3.50 mi

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Walk - Social
Distance:2.00 mi

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Janathon Day 6

A small one with Polly dog this morning. I got us both dressed for the rain which was pelting down when I got find that it had dried up when we got out the door. I spent another couple of minutes getting rid of the coats (hers and mine), and I did a longer loop because I had a bit of time before work, because I'd been super organised with getting breakfast and lunch together. My legs were killing me from the squats I did during the shred DVD, so not very comfortable. The scales have been really spiteful since the start of Janathon, continuing on a upward trend (WTF is that all about??).

Breakfast consisted of a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel with a banana (must be a green banana not yellow or 'ripe'). Lunch was couscous and mixed salad veg with a tofu hot dog sausage (I love tofu, a recent revelation but I do *heart* it!!).

Scores on the doors 2.1 miles at a sort of 'joggle' type gait

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

day 5

So up a the trumpet of a sparrows fart again this morning.
I know that Janathon is mostly people running and how far one has run at the end of the month, but I have challenged myself to lose 11lbs before the end of February, but I'd also like to tone up my bingo wings/bum/thighs/tum etc. There's a whole heap jiggling about, and I'm terrified of losing weight and ending up looking like

I decided to give 'Jillean Michaels 30 Day Shred' a go (I have more DVD's than you could wave a pound of fat at!!). I've done it once before and it almost killed me. Jumping jacks are not fun when you smack yourself in the eye with your own boobs!!

25 mins or thereabouts of pushups, star jumps, sit ups, jigging on the spot etc.
I'm done for day 5.
J. B. L. xx

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Cross - Core
Distance:0.00 mi

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Janathon day 4

Back to work today, therefore I planned ahead last night and got all my bits and bobs out ready to plonk on after a shower. I had set the alarm for an eyeball watering 05:00 to ensure that all calls of nature had been answered before I set off out the door with El Mutt

(This was taken in the summer....not that we're having an unseasonably good spell of sunshine, or it's light here at o6.00!)

I fell over quite alot of things as I stumbled around looking for a better pair of socks and a slightly warmer base layer, grabbed Pollys running lead and headed out. I had intended to just do a once round the block, but ended up doing a 'just a bit longer than a once round the block trying to avoid the hill but not managing'

1.04 miles in 12:11.
not great, but it's a streak saver at least!!

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Run - General
Distance:1.04 mi

Monday, 3 January 2011

Janathon day 3

See the activity on RunSaturday
Type:Cross - Elliptical
Distance:3.98 mi

Did the E.T again today because I'm a bit short of time. Last day before I'm back at work, and I still have the best part of a 4,000 word assignment to do before 4th Feb!!! Eeeep!!!

Another great smoothie, banana and blackberries with agave and a shake of cinnamon. I use milk instead of yoghurt/fruit juice, and it makes for a great post effort breakfast. Hubby doing a no point soup (weight watchers 'no points'....not just 'no point in making a soup' no point!!!

J.B.L xx

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Janathon Day 2

I decided to go for the elliptical trainer today because of yesterdays jigglings! I have the E.T set up in the conservatory, so it's easy to hop onto and bash out a few miles.

Stats for today:
7.7 km (or 4.8 miles)
37.02 mins
177 cals
old mp3 player with some great choons.

Photos also taken of front and side views, but I'm not posting them....EVER! I look like the creature from the black lagoon....only lumpier!

Just finishing my cranberry and raspberry smoothie, and am off out with the dog.

J.B.L...done x

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Day 1 Janathon

So here we are at the beginning of another year. I felt slightly muzzy after a few too many Vodkas last night, but ready to spank this challenge.
I'd like to combine the challenge with my weight loss, therefore when I blog my activities, I'll also track my intake online. I have taken a photo of the (mean and spiteful) scales this morning after my ablutions, and it's made me even more determined to get a grip. For my weight, I should be 7'6" tall! that can't be done!!! I will post the weightloss evidence at the end of the month.

So for today, I donned my ipod and did day #1 of the c25k. Being a little on the portly side, this proved to be most uncomfortable, and I found the whole thing rather unpleasant.
Result:1.65miles in 22.35. No land speed record, but jogged blogged and logged.

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Type:Run - Run-Walk
Distance:1.65 mi