Saturday, 24 November 2012

Week 1 in a nutshell

Well, not quite what I'd had in mind.

Following the SW Original plan rather than the Extra Easy, I've managed a whole pound.
That is to say I've managed to put on a whole pound.
Yes's true......bugger knows how, but it was there in all it's glory this morning!

Not to be put off, I'm persevering and making faux doner kebabs tonight made with lean minced lamb, various herbs and spices. I've made it before and it's really good. I've cut up a whole pile of fresh salad to plop in the pitta, and am serving it with a yoghurt and mint sauce. I should be given an A for effort anyway.

(pic from SW site on FB)

I've been working fairly long hours this week, as I'm now taking a weeks holiday culminating in my graduation at Canterbury Cathederal on Friday. My mum and dad in law are coming to stay and we'll be celebrating after the 'do' at a local restaurant overlooking on of the lovley bays near where we live.

I do so wish my mum and dad could be there to see me collect my award. They'd be chuffed to bits. I often think about what dad would have said to me when he found out I'd passed. He'd have told everyone he knew and very likely a few he didn't!!. He'd have been as proud of me as I was of him.

 Mum would just have smiled a lot and told me she always knew I was capeable of better than I'd done at school (I was shamefully bad during my A levels...managed to fail two out of was furious!).

So on we go to next week. What will I do differently? I'm not at all sure!

I might take this out more often (she loves her hat..........NOT!)


 I'll be in the kitchen trying to make a healthy breakfast granola, and I'll be worrying about Friday.
See ya x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Revisiting old ideas

Whilst I'm not a great one for sitting in a room full of other pudgy women, clapping like a sea lion when each one loses a few grams, I feel that support is vital if one is to succeed at weight loss.
Whilst I am very lucky to have an extremely supportive husband, he is great in the kitchen, and can make wonderful dinners out of virtually nothing, but therein lies the problem!

He was used to preparing meals at work for 5-9 burly men. Now it's just me and him. However the portion sizes are the same as they would be for the burly men.

I've managed to quit the cigs in the last 2 months (go me!) without a catastrophic weight gain, but when rifling through my wardrobe for something to wear, I came to the sad conclusion that I have lots of lovely clothes, but they're all too tight. I look like a badly drawn sausage in most of my tops. My trousers look like they holding a grudge against me and refuse to be comfortable!

Jeeze, I must have said this 1,000 times before, but I'm done with feeling like this.

I've done the cigarettes, that's behind me. It took willpower and determination to stop.

Now to be able to get back into my clothes again, or else I'll have to go to work in my pyjamas!