Sunday, 23 March 2014

How long?

I can hardly believe it's been that long since my last post.
How time flies.
The good news is that I'm still smoke free, and down 25lbs thanks to a revisit to Slimming World. It's the only way for me to lose weight, and since I started, I've managed to keep mostly to the plan (amazed!) and the results are encouraging!
My wardrobe has doubled as I can now fit into most of the stuff hanging in there which have been patiently waiting for their time to come!

Unfortunately I have sustained bilateral rotator cuff injuries, and am due for the first lot of surgery in 2.5 weeks (eep!). This will mean a substantial time off work (oh no!) which in turn will mean more opportunity to get out off my backside and out of the house.

I'm going to try and detail a little more about the SW plan to this blog, to ensure onward success.