Friday, 19 October 2012


Good Lord, is it really that long ago since my last post?

I'm off the fags, but still on the sofa (not great). I have an underlying problem which comes in the form of the 'can't be arsedables'. I think it's chronic!

Over the summers, I've been ticking stuff off my list of things 'that I should have done but haven't quite got round to yet'.
Primarily this was finishing my degree which I did in August with a 1:1. After years of study, I could now concentrate on myself a little more and the niggling issues I'd been postponing.
I've been on and off the smoking wagon more times than is necessary, but I appear to have finally cracked it. The weight and running issue is still ongoing and will be my next project, along with the garden redesign (which can be found over at the Clifftop Corner)

So still busy trying to get stuff sorted, but as a wise man once said

 'If you're going to eat an elephant, you have to take lots of bites'. (Wise man was a bit of a tit by all accounts!))

My favourite season is well underway, and I am loving all the pumpkin related stuff that autumn brings with it. Pumpkin porridge is a biiiigggg hit at the moment, sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice (home made as we don't have it in the UK) and a blob of elderberry jelly for sweetness. I use canned pumpkin available in Waitrose for £1.39 a tin, and this lasts all week in a airtight pot. Nowhere else seems to stock it and Waitrose only do it around this time of year, although it has flown off the shelves (which is surprising as the town I live in is more Turkey Twizzlers and Micro chips than pumkin puree!)

Tooth out last night, so off to make something sort and skwishy for dinner!