Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pro Points plan

So I've been back at WW for almost a week, and I must say that I've been hungrier during the day with the Pro Points plan than with the regular old plan. I dunno, perhaps it's me, but a jacket spud costs 8 Pro Points which is a fair few when you only have 29 for the day! However the extra 49 points per week does mean that I can splurge 20 points on a bottle of wine for the weekend, and getting off my arse and walking with El Mutt also lets me save points for a rainy day!

I understand that the US are swapping to this plan tp, only it's called Points Plus over there, so I shall be interested to see what Bitchcakes makes of it (can't wait for her blog on weds).

I'm weighing in on Tuesday morning, so I'll updated then.

Sunday, 21 November 2010


Ok, so I've signed uo for the Janathon (details here in order to get the new year off to a good start. I figured that I would be spending alot of time behind the computer, what with assignment deadlines looming, so I thought I could break it up by activity, photography and blogging! I'm going to restart the C25K as my month of running, taking the doodlemonster with me for company and to provide a much needed distraction. On rest days I'll just toot along on the elliptical trainer.

We're not going out on NYE, so I'll get off to a good start!

Good luck everyone!