Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pro Points plan

So I've been back at WW for almost a week, and I must say that I've been hungrier during the day with the Pro Points plan than with the regular old plan. I dunno, perhaps it's me, but a jacket spud costs 8 Pro Points which is a fair few when you only have 29 for the day! However the extra 49 points per week does mean that I can splurge 20 points on a bottle of wine for the weekend, and getting off my arse and walking with El Mutt also lets me save points for a rainy day!

I understand that the US are swapping to this plan tp, only it's called Points Plus over there, so I shall be interested to see what Bitchcakes makes of it (can't wait for her blog on weds).

I'm weighing in on Tuesday morning, so I'll updated then.

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