Sunday, 12 December 2010


My love of running seemed to have been lost in the time that we were looking after mum and dad in 2008. Don't get me wrong, I would have looked after them forever because it was an honour to do so, however, working full time, assignment writing and going over to see to mum and dad every night....something had to give.
I looked back over my blogs on 'Fetcheveryone' (great site and saw how much my times were coming down, and how I really did enjoy being able to lace up my trainers and grab the dog for a short run. I loved running with my friend Lal, but to run on my own was bliss. I was accountable to no-one but myself. I could run/walk for times that suited ME.

An entry from my blog went like this:
'Went for a short Bimble with Polly, but Doug had ust made a big pot of tea and I've saved some WW points for a kebab tonight, so I kept it short, but I running now I'm not struggling for breath. I don't know how the hell I managed before I quit smoking.

Running no longer seems like a chore, or something to dread (because it used to hurt my lungs so much....I was on inhalers x2 ) and I get time to relax on my own. I never understood it when people said they loved to run alone, but I would feel a bit put out if anyone joined me at the moment!

I actually look forward to it................OMG! Does this mean I have finally found the bug to be bitten by??'

I have to get that feeling back. I really want to run again.

I STS this week, and have been less than angelic on the food front (still within points allocation, but alot of unfilling crap).



  1. Merry Christmas My Friend!!!!

    - The Heavy Man

  2. I'm looking forward to running together in the Janathon and getting to know you through your blog. Especially interested to cheer you on with your weight loss goals. I'm working my weight down too.