Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm moving!

I thought to myself this morning.......

If you don't like where you are, MOVE.

So I am.

Not in the literal 'pack up the house and cramp it all onto a lorry' type move, but I'm moving out of the rut, and I've picked a 44 year old body that needs some work doing to make it a better and more user friendly home to stay!

I've been in this old familiar place for too long now. Promising that I would decorate it and make it look a bit better, and then always finding an excuse not to. The exterior looks dreadful, and God only knows where to start on the interior!

Sure, it's a bit bigger than I'd like, but that'll be ok. I'll think about downsizing later.

I've starting the renovations by blocking up the chimney. No more smoking means I don't need a chimney!

Yes my friends, I have finally lost the plot, but planning stuff is a great past time of mine. Putting it into practice is another story.

I thought that if I plan my body/life overhaul like I did when I actually did move, then I can throw out the stuff I don't need (family crap etc) and rearrange the stuff I do need.

So the first job was my chimney!. I'm putting aside 8-10 weeks for that to be finished and it won't cost me a bean! Infact I'll have more money to get new soft furnishings, or even trying to make the saggy old paintwork on the outside look a little better!!

I'm trying out a 21 day trial.
21 days so as not to be too long that I get bored, but long enough to build a new habit.

#1. Quit smoking using 25 mg NRT patch (before moving on to next level down)
#2. Stick to a skin care regime (mine at present is almost non existant, apart from a quick blob of something greasy before I head out the door to work.)
#3.Drinking more fluids during the day (currently dreadful at this too. I think my dad was part camel!)
#4. Bed by 21.30 to make time for a read of my stack of new books (I always complain I have no time to read!
#5. Get up at 06.00 and stop dithering about. Time management!!
#6.Have breakfast before leaving for work.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Non smoking day 2

So far so good!

I've been that out of puff, that a cigarette has been the last thing I've been wanting!

I downloaded a couple of apps for my ipod which are useful to look at every now and again.
One of the suggestions was plenty of fruit juices, so I ventured out and purchased 3 cartons of pure juice (and 4 scones from the oops! counter for good measure).

Horse pills, paracetamol and vitamins ingested with gusto, and I'm feeling a little better.
Still knackered as I'm really not sleeping well because of the pelvic floor challenging cough! Poor hubby has suffered too as I'm clattering around in the middle of the night falling over stuff (the dawg) and rummaging in cupboards looking for more lemon tea.

I'm even missing my works xmas 'do' tonight!

Bummer :=(

Thursday, 15 December 2011


So I've signed up for Janathon next year!

That's about as much as I can manage at the moment as I have had bronchitis over the last week and have felt dreadful! So much to do and so little energy to do it.

I'm doing ok with my assignments and I don't think there'll be any last minute panicking with them (who am I kidding!).
Christmas is more or less sorted, with the exception of some wine and chocs for aged aunt Molly.

I've dusted off my long running tights, and have signed up again for the running course in Jan with Jelly Legs, so that'll be Monday, Thursday and Saturday's contributions to Janathon sorted. The inbetweeny bits may be that old bag Jillian Michael and her 30 day murder/torture DVD!

I had a twitter chat with the lovely Janathon lady Cathy at and she gave up smoking 6 years ago. I've done it twice, both times for 6 months. I HATE smoking. The smell, the cost, crappy lungs etc etc.
So I've stopped.
That's it.

I'm drinking green tea with Jasmine, planning my comeback!