Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm moving!

I thought to myself this morning.......

If you don't like where you are, MOVE.

So I am.

Not in the literal 'pack up the house and cramp it all onto a lorry' type move, but I'm moving out of the rut, and I've picked a 44 year old body that needs some work doing to make it a better and more user friendly home to stay!

I've been in this old familiar place for too long now. Promising that I would decorate it and make it look a bit better, and then always finding an excuse not to. The exterior looks dreadful, and God only knows where to start on the interior!

Sure, it's a bit bigger than I'd like, but that'll be ok. I'll think about downsizing later.

I've starting the renovations by blocking up the chimney. No more smoking means I don't need a chimney!

Yes my friends, I have finally lost the plot, but planning stuff is a great past time of mine. Putting it into practice is another story.

I thought that if I plan my body/life overhaul like I did when I actually did move, then I can throw out the stuff I don't need (family crap etc) and rearrange the stuff I do need.

So the first job was my chimney!. I'm putting aside 8-10 weeks for that to be finished and it won't cost me a bean! Infact I'll have more money to get new soft furnishings, or even trying to make the saggy old paintwork on the outside look a little better!!

I'm trying out a 21 day trial.
21 days so as not to be too long that I get bored, but long enough to build a new habit.

#1. Quit smoking using 25 mg NRT patch (before moving on to next level down)
#2. Stick to a skin care regime (mine at present is almost non existant, apart from a quick blob of something greasy before I head out the door to work.)
#3.Drinking more fluids during the day (currently dreadful at this too. I think my dad was part camel!)
#4. Bed by 21.30 to make time for a read of my stack of new books (I always complain I have no time to read!
#5. Get up at 06.00 and stop dithering about. Time management!!
#6.Have breakfast before leaving for work.

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