Sunday, 26 September 2010

I have worked my backside off this weekend and my feet hurt now!

Poor hubby has yoinked his achilles tendon rather badly, and as a result, he has been put into a below knee cast for the time being. This has caused most everyday activities to become somewhat of a palava!
I'm used to weekends where I do mostly nothing, and Doug spoils me rotten. As you can imagine it all came as rather a shock when I had to do the laundry, the housework, change the hoover bag, sort out the tumble dryer that flatly refused to dry anything, take the dog for her walkies, fit in a session on the eliptical trainer, bake banana bread, sort out my christmas lists etc etc.........

The scales have been teetering on 199.5 lbs, but settling on 200 for the last couple of days, however, with all the extra activity today and yesterday, I hope to have my big fat feet firmly planted in the 100 and something pounds!

The others seem to be doing ok too....roll on thursday!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Ok....I know i shouldn't have, but I peeked on the scales this morning.

It said 200.5 lbs.

I'm almost in onederland!


I didn't post yesterday as too tired, but I stack to the plan

B ; 2 toasted crumpets with jam 4
L : Couscous and chicken salad with no point salad veg 6
D : Spaghetti bolognese (Doug styleee!)7

no snacks today, too busy at work
Today will be like this

B : Oatso simple and milk 3
L : Chicken and couscous salad with no point salad veg 6
D : Pork and pineapple curry with half a pack of Uncle Ben's rice 9

Roll on Thursday!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Day # 4

Productive day starting early as I'm back to work tomorrow after a 2 week break.

Laundry done, housework done, dinner sorted, dawg walked, breakfast and lunches for week planned, and rebounder ignored! We're having an indian summer which is lovely, but is not condusive to bouncing around the front room clad in lycra!

B : 2 crumpets with lurpack and jam = 4 points
L : small Tesco cheese and tom pizza (with extra tomato, mushroom and ham topping added at home) = 5 points
D : Chicken pot pie with no point veg = 8 points.

I have not weighed in today as I'd like to have a surprise on thursday when Lal and Molly come for their weigh in. I hope they're managing well too.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

day #3 of seriously now!

202.5 nakid this morning. That's 3 lbs since I got home from hols last week. I'm not disappointed with that at all!

I ordered an elliptical trainer to use either before or after work to ramp things up a bit. I've been very lazy lately, but at least this way I can fall out of bed and use the trainer, and then fall straight into the shower, briefly stopping for coffee (decaff natch!) and overnight oats on the way up to the bathroom!

We've got approx 104 days til xmas, so a rough calculation would be 14.5 weeks. Enough time to lose a sensible 2lb per week, equating to 28lbs. That would see me nicely in a size 14 jeans at the dinner table. (Love the jeans in the pic...not mine I am sad to say)

B : wholemeal toast with LF cream cheese, banana and honey = 4 pts
L : Turkey burger (shared with Polpot) cottage cheese, beets, cucumber and tomatoes = 4 pts
D : Chicken casserole with sweet potato, cabbage and petite pois. = 8pts
Treat : ice cream lolly = 5

total 21 points.

Took Dolly for a bimble but no points earnt as too slow!

Over and out!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Thanks jack

I've had to share this from Jack Sh*t as I thought it was so cool!

Made me smile alot!

Day #2 of 'seriously this time'

I went out with Lal and molly last night and discussed tactics! They will be following Slimming World, and I will stick with WW.

Interestingly, Lal was asking how food got the better of me.
I've never been one for small portions, and going to boarding school did little for my home economic skills. I never learnt to cook because I didn't have to.
Portion control was a thing that I never got the hang of.
I don't eat when I'm bored/sad/fed up......I eat because I like food! Simple!

A few years ago, Lal and I went to lots of step, pump and yoga classes, and we ran alot too. That all went down the pan when mum became ill in November 2007. Since then I have done nothing, and as a result I have gained 30lbs.
I am struggling to get back in the groove as far as excersise is concerned, because I'm too out of puff!

I've got 4 members of the Lard Lounge, and we will be weighing in on a weekly basis on a thursday evening, and I will post the results here. Meanwhile I will try and blog daily to keep myself motivated.

B : 2 x crumpets with 2 tsp lurpak lighter and 2 tsp home made jam = 4
L : Heinz tomtato soup and a slice of bread = 4.5
D : turkey burgers (home made WW), low fat oven chips 200g and no point salsa = 8
S : banana = 1.5
2.5 litres fluids

Walking into town and back for 40 mins will be my excersise for today.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Seriously this time

Back from hols and fab it was too!

Lal and Molly came over last night, and we held the first weigh in for Lard Loungers. Time to knuckle down to some serious healthier eating. 207.5 fully clothed, 205.5 in the buff when they had gone!

As stated before I am going to follow weight watchers, and have allocated myself 21 points per day.

I missed breakfast this morning as I was too busy (bad FatKat)but has lunch as follows

L : 40g pasta, 2 LF sausages, cucumber, spring onion, tomatoes, 1tbsp creme fraiche HF, and 1tsp dijon mustard made into a dressing. 6 points total.

I took Noodle pup out for a mimble for an hour and earnt an extra 3 points for today. I also found a really good excel spreadsheet that I will be using to tally things at the end of the day.
First goal is to make it to onederland by next week. Hard work and plenty of walking should see me there.