Sunday, 12 September 2010

Day # 4

Productive day starting early as I'm back to work tomorrow after a 2 week break.

Laundry done, housework done, dinner sorted, dawg walked, breakfast and lunches for week planned, and rebounder ignored! We're having an indian summer which is lovely, but is not condusive to bouncing around the front room clad in lycra!

B : 2 crumpets with lurpack and jam = 4 points
L : small Tesco cheese and tom pizza (with extra tomato, mushroom and ham topping added at home) = 5 points
D : Chicken pot pie with no point veg = 8 points.

I have not weighed in today as I'd like to have a surprise on thursday when Lal and Molly come for their weigh in. I hope they're managing well too.

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