Friday, 10 September 2010

Day #2 of 'seriously this time'

I went out with Lal and molly last night and discussed tactics! They will be following Slimming World, and I will stick with WW.

Interestingly, Lal was asking how food got the better of me.
I've never been one for small portions, and going to boarding school did little for my home economic skills. I never learnt to cook because I didn't have to.
Portion control was a thing that I never got the hang of.
I don't eat when I'm bored/sad/fed up......I eat because I like food! Simple!

A few years ago, Lal and I went to lots of step, pump and yoga classes, and we ran alot too. That all went down the pan when mum became ill in November 2007. Since then I have done nothing, and as a result I have gained 30lbs.
I am struggling to get back in the groove as far as excersise is concerned, because I'm too out of puff!

I've got 4 members of the Lard Lounge, and we will be weighing in on a weekly basis on a thursday evening, and I will post the results here. Meanwhile I will try and blog daily to keep myself motivated.

B : 2 x crumpets with 2 tsp lurpak lighter and 2 tsp home made jam = 4
L : Heinz tomtato soup and a slice of bread = 4.5
D : turkey burgers (home made WW), low fat oven chips 200g and no point salsa = 8
S : banana = 1.5
2.5 litres fluids

Walking into town and back for 40 mins will be my excersise for today.

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