Saturday, 11 September 2010

day #3 of seriously now!

202.5 nakid this morning. That's 3 lbs since I got home from hols last week. I'm not disappointed with that at all!

I ordered an elliptical trainer to use either before or after work to ramp things up a bit. I've been very lazy lately, but at least this way I can fall out of bed and use the trainer, and then fall straight into the shower, briefly stopping for coffee (decaff natch!) and overnight oats on the way up to the bathroom!

We've got approx 104 days til xmas, so a rough calculation would be 14.5 weeks. Enough time to lose a sensible 2lb per week, equating to 28lbs. That would see me nicely in a size 14 jeans at the dinner table. (Love the jeans in the pic...not mine I am sad to say)

B : wholemeal toast with LF cream cheese, banana and honey = 4 pts
L : Turkey burger (shared with Polpot) cottage cheese, beets, cucumber and tomatoes = 4 pts
D : Chicken casserole with sweet potato, cabbage and petite pois. = 8pts
Treat : ice cream lolly = 5

total 21 points.

Took Dolly for a bimble but no points earnt as too slow!

Over and out!

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