Thursday, 9 September 2010

Seriously this time

Back from hols and fab it was too!

Lal and Molly came over last night, and we held the first weigh in for Lard Loungers. Time to knuckle down to some serious healthier eating. 207.5 fully clothed, 205.5 in the buff when they had gone!

As stated before I am going to follow weight watchers, and have allocated myself 21 points per day.

I missed breakfast this morning as I was too busy (bad FatKat)but has lunch as follows

L : 40g pasta, 2 LF sausages, cucumber, spring onion, tomatoes, 1tbsp creme fraiche HF, and 1tsp dijon mustard made into a dressing. 6 points total.

I took Noodle pup out for a mimble for an hour and earnt an extra 3 points for today. I also found a really good excel spreadsheet that I will be using to tally things at the end of the day.
First goal is to make it to onederland by next week. Hard work and plenty of walking should see me there.

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