Sunday, 26 September 2010

I have worked my backside off this weekend and my feet hurt now!

Poor hubby has yoinked his achilles tendon rather badly, and as a result, he has been put into a below knee cast for the time being. This has caused most everyday activities to become somewhat of a palava!
I'm used to weekends where I do mostly nothing, and Doug spoils me rotten. As you can imagine it all came as rather a shock when I had to do the laundry, the housework, change the hoover bag, sort out the tumble dryer that flatly refused to dry anything, take the dog for her walkies, fit in a session on the eliptical trainer, bake banana bread, sort out my christmas lists etc etc.........

The scales have been teetering on 199.5 lbs, but settling on 200 for the last couple of days, however, with all the extra activity today and yesterday, I hope to have my big fat feet firmly planted in the 100 and something pounds!

The others seem to be doing ok too....roll on thursday!

1 comment:

  1. Just consider all the moving around as extra cardio!

    Keep on working hard and you will be safely in the 100 lb range very soon!

    - The Heavy Man