Friday, 16 December 2011

Non smoking day 2

So far so good!

I've been that out of puff, that a cigarette has been the last thing I've been wanting!

I downloaded a couple of apps for my ipod which are useful to look at every now and again.
One of the suggestions was plenty of fruit juices, so I ventured out and purchased 3 cartons of pure juice (and 4 scones from the oops! counter for good measure).

Horse pills, paracetamol and vitamins ingested with gusto, and I'm feeling a little better.
Still knackered as I'm really not sleeping well because of the pelvic floor challenging cough! Poor hubby has suffered too as I'm clattering around in the middle of the night falling over stuff (the dawg) and rummaging in cupboards looking for more lemon tea.

I'm even missing my works xmas 'do' tonight!

Bummer :=(

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