Monday, 28 February 2011

False start!

So that was the week that was!

It was my 44th birthday on Saturday, so I didn't track as much as I should have, and I ate some stuff I shouldn't have! I also drank my body weight in vodka and lemonade (diet, nach!!).
I also found out at work that I'm being had over which has not pleased me at all! I've been mega stressed out about it all (work, house move, job etc) and done my usual 'F**K everything' instead of dealing with it in a problem solving manner.

Once more I looked through a heap of blogs (whilst writing a grumpy letter to my boss), but I was eating home made coffee and walnut cake at the time. I made this beautiful cake found at


Walnuts are good, right?

I can't begin to tell you how good it was!

I got out with Doug and Polly for a little walk, but with tbh, I've got less enthusiasm than a hoody in a job centre!

So Monday is here again, and short of an exchange of contracts on the house......I can't see the week getting better.

However................ I am not going to let this phase me! If I can track for 5 days and get off my arse for 3 night this week....I'll be happy!


  1. Yay - So glad you are back! I too have had a rotten Monday - just let it go and wake up tomorow bright a breezy. That's what I'm trying to tell myself ...will it work...meh maybe, meybe not but we should try!
    That cake looks awesome, is there any left?? Good luck for the week - hope it gets better for you x