Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New start

Well we finally made it over to our new house about 2 months ago.
Since then it's been a blur of workmen, dust and hoovering. I won't bore you with the details, suffice to say that having no kitchen for 3 weeks meant ALOT of convenience food and take outs.
This has resulted in an upward trend on the scale, which is a real nuisance, but there we are....

I've started to get up early again, and go walking with my neighbour. We take El Mutt for a 3 mile stroll along the Bay at 05.30. The views are breathtaking. We see plenty of wild birds, seals, and my favourite, Highland cattle (cripes, they're huge!!).

DH has managed to lose 28lb recently, therefore I have put him in charge of meals from now on in.
I'm off on holiday at present, but BYOL will be resumed when I return to work, although I will miss my 'Two Chicks' omlette which I have for lunch. I love that stuff, and no gall bladder pain which usually accompanies anything 'eggy'. I use my Nicer Dicer (godsend) to chop all sorts of veggies for my omlette, and have it with a big salad.
I've been looking over on Bitchcakes blog for some really nice recipes. She is a vegan, which I am not, but her salad ideas are great, and she works wonders with a squash! She is an advocate for WW, and I'm happiest following their points system and using the e-tool tracker. I downloaded the app so that when I'm mobile, I can still track.

I'm also starting 'Lard Loungers' again (my own slimming club, run in my front room for some weighty pals) which should spur me along by introducing a little competition between me and my friends. We each have a journal to track food (I'll be doing mine with WW e-tools) and a weigh in. I issue 'Loser of the Week' certificates, and we pay 50p per week to weigh in. Members are allowed to use whatever healthy eating plan they like (let's face it...I've tried them all!), but I draw the line at limb amputation as a means to become 'Loser of the Week!

That's a very quick rundown of what's been going on here, but I'm going to try and blog a little more often and let you know where I am.

I hope you are all well xx

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