Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Janathon day 4

Back to work today, therefore I planned ahead last night and got all my bits and bobs out ready to plonk on after a shower. I had set the alarm for an eyeball watering 05:00 to ensure that all calls of nature had been answered before I set off out the door with El Mutt

(This was taken in the summer....not that we're having an unseasonably good spell of sunshine, or it's light here at o6.00!)

I fell over quite alot of things as I stumbled around looking for a better pair of socks and a slightly warmer base layer, grabbed Pollys running lead and headed out. I had intended to just do a once round the block, but ended up doing a 'just a bit longer than a once round the block trying to avoid the hill but not managing'

1.04 miles in 12:11.
not great, but it's a streak saver at least!!

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Type:Run - General
Distance:1.04 mi


  1. Well done! Early morning running has always defeated me. I just can't get myself motivated to go out at that hour.

  2. that is a great run. especially early a.m. I woke up and just blinked at the alarm clock before rolling over. so I'm behind.

  3. Was Polly surprised running that early! Almost sleep walking wasn't it?! Well done

  4. Eyeball watering indeed. The only time I manage 5am is when jetlagged and visiting my sister in Canada. Go you.

  5. Thanks guys! It's now 17.30 and I'm knackered. Chilli con carne and rice, and an early night....up early again tomorrow (and for the rest of the month!!!) xx

  6. Me too Katarina for another early start in the a.m as off the fight with the M25 tomorrow will think of you whilst plodding in the dark

  7. OMG 5am?!?!?! How did you do that?! I am v v impressed! You go girl (and Polly!).

  8. Polly looks quick! Well done on getting the mile in. At that time of the day it's especially impressive and much more than a streak saver - kind of reminds me of the post on cakeofgoodhope.blogspot.com where she talked about Ron Hill running a mile every day, even after breaking a few bones. The haiku that followed was just hilarious. Anyway keep it up, you're doing great.