Thursday, 6 January 2011

Janathon Day 6

A small one with Polly dog this morning. I got us both dressed for the rain which was pelting down when I got find that it had dried up when we got out the door. I spent another couple of minutes getting rid of the coats (hers and mine), and I did a longer loop because I had a bit of time before work, because I'd been super organised with getting breakfast and lunch together. My legs were killing me from the squats I did during the shred DVD, so not very comfortable. The scales have been really spiteful since the start of Janathon, continuing on a upward trend (WTF is that all about??).

Breakfast consisted of a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel with a banana (must be a green banana not yellow or 'ripe'). Lunch was couscous and mixed salad veg with a tofu hot dog sausage (I love tofu, a recent revelation but I do *heart* it!!).

Scores on the doors 2.1 miles at a sort of 'joggle' type gait


  1. "Joggle" - a new word to add to my collection of running terms. I like it. Also v impressed with your meal organisational skills!

  2. Remember that muscle is heavier than fat, and that elite athletes have BMIs in the obese range. Your scales are obviously just registering your increasing fitness. Well done on running - I'm about to go out and it is wet and horrible.

  3. Tofu hot dogs got to admit that does not sound good>