Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Laid up

I'm currently under house arrest!
Ok, so that's not quite true, but I have had to stop my Janathon efforts and blogging due to surgery on my leg on 16th Jan. I have managed to do some very slow and painful miles since, and as a result I am 26.4 mile into my virtual route. I'm afraid it's about 14 miles short of where I wanted to be, but once the leg is fixed I can ramp the mileage up a bit.

Good news on the weight loss front though. Since I shifted my focus from weight loss to healthy adaptations of recipes, the weight has come off slowly and steadily.

I had been having spinach and cheese omelette's for my breakfast recently, and although they taste great, I wanted something different. As I have a lot of time on my hands being off work post-op, I have been busy in the kitchen trying a bunch of different recipes. Yesterday afternoon I made granola to be used as a topping rather than a cereal. This morning I had fresh fruit with natural yogurt and granola. It was delicious, and far less sweet than the shop bought granola (and less expensive too). I have been looking on some US sites where devotees to clean eating have an array of jars in their fridge with very suspicious looking contents. They claim to taste better than shop bought stuff, and I have no doubt they do....it's just I'd have to eat it with dark glasses on! Some things look like they should be in a lab not a fridge!

Todays efforts will be on the elliptical traininer as it's still slushy under foot, and I really could do with keeping upright to aid post op recovery!

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