Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Scotland here I come

Well I did say it was going to be slow, and I kept my NY promise.
2.61 miles of walking with the dog in the Janathon bag.
Whilst in the shower this morning, I thought about setting myself a challenge. I seem to do fairly well at challenges as long as they don't involve restricting food!!!
In 2006 I ran/walked the Great South Run after declaring I would become a runner, shortly before falling off my stool after too many Gin and Tonics! The following year I ran/walked a half marathon for Hearing Dogs for Deaf people. I found the experience very rewarding and was in fairly good shape fitness wise (although the muffin top was still evident!). Last year I challenged myself to getting over 80% in my final three assignments....mission accomplished.

The thought of resolutions puts me right off the New Year. 'I resolve not to eat chocolate any more' lasts until tea time on the 1st January. Many other impossible resolutions are dashed before the end of the first week! This year will be different. This year I aim to be a bit kinder to myself (I really am my own worst critic) therefore my challenge is simple.


Not all in one go you understand, but in bite sized pieces. I will be logging it on a virtual map.
Today I left home and reached the end of the dual carriage way, right next to McDonalds. Only another 737.4 miles to go! In reality I walked along the seafront with the other half and dawg in a bracing wind, but you get the idea.

So, by the end of Janathon I hope to be nearing London.

Over and out!

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