Saturday, 5 January 2013

My dogs are barking!

Apparently that's slang for 'my feet hurt'.

Well F-I-L is home after a short spell in hospital. He now has to take things a little easier for a while.

No janathon effort for 2 days whilst we were trailing the countryside. The good news is that I managed to get out for a 4 mile walk with hubby and the dog this afternoon, and now 'my dogs are barking'! I think that's the longest I've walked/run/been upright for in a while.
I'm managing well with my eating plan trying to trick my metabolism by varying my calorie intake every day. I mentioned this to my friend, and she thought tricking my metabolism meant asking the nice lady for a grilled chicken wrap, and then pushing a written note towards her saying

"Shhhhhhhhhh....I can't sat this out loud or my metabolism will hear, but I'd like two sausage rolls and a bacon buttyinstead of the wrap please".

If only!

So we're 8.6 miles into our journey towards the Hebrides, with 731.4 miles to go!

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