Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I have done nothing but chase my own tail today......rush, rush rush! I started with a berry smoothie as I swung out of the door for an early visit, and then proceeded to zigzag across the south east coast from one victim to the next. Lunch was a very rushed leftovers from last night in my most excellent thermos food flask. I then had a pile of paperwork to do when I eventually got home, which I did whilst slurping tea.

At last.....onto the elliptical trainer (still feel a leeedle bit too self conscious to wobble outside yet, plus the fact cardiovascularly I'm rather crap!). I did a rather poor 2 miles but my quads were kicking up as it's the first time I've asked them to do any work in about a year!!

Still, I'm another 2 miles closer to the Hebrides, only another 735.5 to go!

Until tomorrow x

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