Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Slow poke day

It's been a laborious slow old that just seems to have gone on forever, and has been like wading through treacle. I was glad to get home to pick up the pace a little.
Tonights Janathon effort was a speedy 2 miles, taking me to 18 miles from home since 1st Jan. I'm quite pleased with my resolve, at it seemed to have wained somewhat in the past 6 months, but like with the decision to stop smoking, this seems to have stuck! Long may it continue.

I'm off to make some hummous for work tomorrow, as I don't like the stuff you can but from the supermarket. Infact since I stopped smoking, a lot of things taste different now. I was quite happy to buy things like hummous, flapjacks, peanut butter, crisps, smoothies etc (there's your weight problem right there!) but I'd rather make my own all tastes a little 'plasticky'. I know that the 'to buy organic or not' debate rages on, but I do like organic if possible....and in the summer, nothing beats home grown.

When I was running regularly, my recovery drink was organic milk and a banana. At the moment I bearly break a sweat, so I've no need for anything fancy. Just a wipe over with a damp cloth and a nice cup of tea!

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