Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Juneathon 24th through to 28th!

Well I've failed in the blogging respect, but we've been internetless for 3 days, and I've developed a dental abcess which has been truely miserable.

I've been fairly active despite this....doing something every day, my usual walking and grumbling (does that count as two activities?) and lots of displacement activities (as suggested by http://abradypus.wordpress.com/ )

Total miles since internetlessness = 12 (Fri 3 mile walk Sat Jillian woman, Sunday Jillean woman again plus 3 miles, Monday 3 miles, this morning 3 miles)

Weight not playing ball, therefore calorie intake must be exceeding cals out, which makes me go........ eeep!

I'm going to try a 'Back to Netball' course running locally. I may only be 5ft 2, but I was a demon goal shooter in my youth!

That's all x


  1. No internet and a dental abcess. The universe is not smiling on you at the moment :(

  2. I hate the calories in/calories out stuff. Makes my head spin and I can never figure out the equation properly since I have no means of measuring my calories out (I NEED a FitBit or something!!! Grrrr!)

    Just keep swimmin'. Just keep swimmin'. ;)

  3. OMG double trouble hope the last day of June finds you better