Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Juneathon the seventh

Out at the crack of a sparrows fart again this morning for my neighbourly wobble down on the bay. We saw Sandwich Terns, some sort of Godwit and the usual collection of cows.

I did sneak a peak at the scales which were an encouraging 1.2lb down, so celebrated with a large berry smoothie on my return.

As I mentioned earlier, I am following a relatively low-carb eating plan....more in line with low GI than excluding carbs all together. Sweet potatoes, brown rice and rye bread are the new baked spuds, couscous and squidgy white bread. I'm hoping that after years of consuming crap, that I can make some healthier choices to ward off complications of getting older (not that I'm a train wreck yet, but I don't want to be like some of the 40 something year olds you see on Jezza Kyle in the morning, with muffin faces and a body to match!)

I sky-plussed a beginners guide to Pilates this morning which I thought I might have a bash at. 25 mins in, and the woman was still flat on her back 'zipping up the abdominals' and saying something about her pubic bone. EEEEP....too early!! Does it really tone you up that much?

Might have another trail out later if I can keep awake long enough x


  1. Pilates works. The first few...wait...the first SEVERAL times are brutal and painful and you'll want to stab the instructor in the face with a hair pin...but...yea...they work. They are grueling, too, but, after about ten workouts, your body really starts to "get it" and it gets easier and then you'll really be able to step it up and do them more efficiently (and you will FEEL it).

    After I had my first son, I did 'em every day and my pudding abs (something moms get when our abdominal muscles literally DIE from atrophying for nine months) were solid and toned again within two months. They get those DEEEEEEEP muscles inside.

    I'm going to start doing a larger series of them once I get to goal so I can tone up again. Right now, I'm just doing them in the hopes that, when all this doughy excess fat is gone, I'll have muscles already toned under all my extra blubber. LOL!

  2. Crack of a sparrows fart sounds really very disgustingly early :)