Friday, 3 June 2011

Juneathon the third

Another 3 mile dawg walk around the reserve this morning at 05.30.

I love going out at this time in the morning. I inadvertently grabbed a handfull of something that smelt of aniseed. I'm not sure if it's wild fennel. I'm not sure if I made 'wild fennel' up!
It was too early to try and yoink it out of the ground, but I might give it a whirl tomorrow.

Saw ducks, Egrets, ?? linnets and the usual herd of Highland cows. I really do want a Highland cow of my own!

My blog needs some photos....will try and fix that tomorrow too!

9 miles logged so far.

Have a good day x
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Type:Walk - Social
Distance:3.00 mi


  1. Me too me too I want a Highland cow they are soooooo cute

  2. Yes please on the pictures front. As I'm never going to see 5.30am in the flesh, I need photos to see what that time of day is like.