Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Juneathon the twentysecond

When I thought it was the 23rd today, and I got up and got half way to my dental appointment, and realised it was tomorrow and not today!!

I got home and changed into my shuffling gear, and went off for a short mimble with the dog. I have no idea how far we went, but I was out for about 40 mins, so I'm reckoning about 2 ish miles.
I got home and started my assignment again (minus chocolate brazil nuts, replacing them with a satsuma, an apple and a mini baby bel light).

Critiquing research methodologies is the DULLEST thing in the world! I'd rather watch paint dry!

So I did! The paint around my new fireplace....I watched it dry. Then I planted my new honeysuckle out, revived a knackered bee with a sugar solution, brushed the dog, sorted out my smalls drawer, got stuff out for tomorrows athon effort, fiddled on Facebook, made some houmous......etc etc.

I still have 3,500 words left to do (surprisingly!)

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  1. That is a fine selection of displacement activities you have there. I'm in awe.