Thursday, 23 June 2011

Juneathon the twentythird

So today is the day I go to the dentist!

Up and out at 04.30 as both weary neighbour and I were awake. The views were stunning (forgot camera again!)as we watched the Bay coming to life. The Highland cattle were all in one field this morning, and nodded sagely as we passed.
Polly (the dawg) is less wildlife friendly, and thinks that all smaller creatures are fair game. This resulted in me being dragged off course into bushes and marshland after rabbits and pheasants!

What to I have to look forward to today?

1) More rotten assignment looking up paradigms, random controlled trials, boolean operators etc etc
2) Having my head drilled
3) Best friend coming for a 'study buddy' session tonight
4) Making pizza for said session
5) Hubby putting up new fire and thermostat
6) Hubby drilling through garage wall to run lead to power thermostat.....and me guiding his drill away from the mains gas pipe!

Today could go one of two ways!!


  1. Just as long as you don't go out with a bang..

  2. Poor you 2 drills in one day, hope your day is better than it sounds its going to be