Sunday, 12 June 2011

Juneathon the twelfth

Thanks to Jillean, I can barely walk downstairs today!

After a breakfast of overnight oats (my current fave breakfast)I decided to take the dawg for an amble along the Bay to look for driftwood. We set off at a cracking pace, and decided to take a shortcut down to the beach. In doing so, we passed a field full of peas....I mean a HUGE field of peas. I was tempted to fill my pockets with the lovely fat pods, but wondered if I would be arrested for decided against it.

We continued down to the Bay, and started searching for driftwood. One dead seagull, a couple of dried out old starfish,

and plenty of old beer cans later, we terminated the search. Not a stick of driftwood to be found anywhere. Bah!!
My candle sconces will have to wait!
A respectable 2.6 miles in a lille under an hour (I did stop to ponder pea larceny and to look at dead stuff) completes todays Juneathon efforts.

I may visit the old hag Jillean today if I can be bothered, but right now it's unlikely.


  1. Somewhere, in the sea, Spongebob is crying over the loss of his best friend.

    As rough as a workout is with Jillian Michaels: STAY with it! Trust me! I'm seeing results in these past 2 weeks that are better than I've seen in the past 5 months! You're going to love the way you look! I guarantee it. :)

  2. Thanks was you that inspired me to look her up again! I've only just found your blog, and am hooked. Perhaps we can struggle through together?? (and plot to kidnap JM and feed her donuts!!) x