Saturday, 4 June 2011

Juneathon the fourth

Got up a little later than planned, what with it being saturday and all! I wanted to go to the Great Bucket and Spade Run....but then found out it was tomorrow!!

I've had a bad case of the can't-be-arsedables all day!

Eventually, not wanting to fail at Juneathon after the third day, I mustered some enthusiasm and took the dog out for a joggle (jog+wobble=joggle). It was still hot at 6pm, and I did struggle, being so lardy makes things much more difficult than strictly necessary!

We did an out and back and covered about 2 miles, which felt like a half marathon. I was spotted by my racing snake neighbour, (whose wife is my early morning walking buddy) and we discussed at length my wish to get back to 'proper' running. I find it difficult to think that I once ran/walked the Great North Run, and the Great South Run!

I hate the thought of being gawped at by others, and I just know they're thinking 'Awww....look at the fat woman running...'

I still had the last laugh as I ran downhill through the meadow like this

YouTube - Little House on the Prarie Theme Song

(minus the horse and carriage, and floaty dress!)

Fat woman wins!!!

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Type:Run - Run-Walk
Distance:2.00 mi

Total miles 11


  1. I know the can't-be-arseables well. Extra Juneathon points for overcoming them and getting out for a joggle!

  2. Loved the utube clip, my hubby was able to name that tune which I find quite worrying and I thought he was all macho!