Sunday, 5 June 2011

Juneathon the fifth

It's a grotty old day today....and thus I have not ventured far. DH, dawg and I walked down to see the Great Bucket and Spade Run, which involves vintage cars of all types, and beautiful motorcycles. It was lovely to watch owners polishing their pride and joy, and to see how far the motor industry has come. The walk was more of a bimble along the front, but at least we got out before it started to rain. I'll guess at a mile only and the pace would have been slow! If the weather cheers up a little, I might try and get out again later.

On the WW side, this is my tracker from this week:

I only missed one day of tracking, so not too bad. Weigh in tomorrow, with official Fab Thursday stats being updated on the sidebar.

Hope you're all enjoying Juneathon too xx

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